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= Open Source Production in the material world through the For Product model.

== Plan
Find land for sale that can be used to build a permacultured private city.
Verify the essential goods and services we could produce at that location.

== Fund
Issue Product Tickets representing those future goods and services.
Auction Product Tickets to secure the land and tools without debt.

== Work
Issue Source Titles representing small amounts of land ownership.
Issue Work Agreements representing commitments to achieve that production.
Auction Source Titles to secure Work Agreement signatures.

== Own
If both auctions succeed, buy land and tools and announce first day of work.
Vest Source Titles to workers as the first round-of-production is completed.
Workers own the Source Titles used to fulfill Product Tickets they bought.

= User Interface
== "'Buy Product Ticket'" [This is like rewards-based crowdfunding.]
Pay with future work or money to receive a time-delayed good or service.
Workers implicitly trade with other workers in this way. (work-for-work)

== "'Bid-to-sign Work Agreement'" [Pay with future work.]
Test to qualify or use the apprenticeship program. (work-to-learn)
Receive a Basic Outcome of essential goods and services. (sign-to-use)
Gain Source Titles as Work Agreements are completed. (work-to-own)
Source Title owners receive future products without purchase. (own-to-use)

== "'Define New Product Ticket'" [Create a crowdfun (sic) campaign.]
List work and sources required to begin production.
List projected delivery schedules and production constraints.
List pollution and any unavoidable externalities.
Change (your version of) a proposal to vote on implementation details.

== "'Issue Source Titles'" [Land acquisition and allocation.]
Show map of land for sale, with default being nearest that user.
Zoom in to see water rights and zoning restrictions.
Show Product Ticket proposals and funding status.
Change (your version of) a map to vote on the layout.