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earthChange is a coin limited in issuance by land **to be purchased**, and limited in circulation by land held under this contract.

To begin, users feed real-estate listings into the earthChange DAO.
The DAO issues 1 fungible earthChange coin for each ft² of each parcel.
    **These tokens do NOT represent property ownership**
The DAO also issues 1 non-fungible SourceTitle for each ft² of each parcel.
    **These tokens DO represent real property ownership in that land.**

The DAO temporarily holds property ownership of the Source Titles.
The DAO auctions the earthChange coins to gather the funds to buy that land.

For each parcel, if the auction succeeds, that land is purchased.
The DAO issues Product Tickets and auctions them to achieve Future Production.
Users may pay for future production with money or by signing Work Agreements.

Users who pay with money do not gain Source Title ownership.
Users who complete Work Agreements gain Source Title ownership.

Owners may not sell Source Titles for money, not even for earthChange.
Owners may trade Source Titles for Work Agreement signatures or for other Source Titles.